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Tammisaari Archipelago National Park

Tammisaari National Park

Tammisaari Archipelago National Park is a real mosaic of tiny rocky islands on the Northern coast of Gulf of Finland. Sheltered by hundreds of islands, Tammisaari National Park is suitable for most paddlers, except of the highest winds. Tammisaari National Park offers some official peaceful camping-sites.

Overnight staying is in most cases limited to only official campsites, that offers fireplace, simple non-water toilets and a few places for tents.

Due to limited places for tents, only a pair of tents in the same group is recommended. Self-standing tent is highly recommended.

Price include:

  • Pick-up and return from Helsinki area
  • Gas for cooking
  • Water bag
  • Single or double kayak with paddle, opening cover and life-west
  • Map with campsites, sights and proposed routes

Price exclude:

  • Tourist guide due to limited overnight staying facilities. If you need a guide, please contact us!
  • Tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment and meals. If you need rentals, please contact us!

Participants are expected to have basic experience in kayaking and staying overnight in tent. Usage of waterproof sacks for packing is highly recommended.

Wether can vary from bright sunshine with +30C to +10C with rain.


There is a pick-up service in Helsinki area.


Recommended size for the Tammisaari National Park kayaking is 1-4 people (1-2 tents).

2021 kayaking trips are cancelled due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. If you are interested in 2022 kayaking trips, please be in touch with us so you will be the first one to get the new dates!