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Summer hikes




The Karhunkierros Trail – The Bear’s Trail

Finland’s most popular hiking trail, the legendary Karhunkierros Trail (The Bear’s Trail), takes you to Oulanka’s best locations by the roaring waters and deep canyons. The Karhunkierros Trail offers hikers many sights and many sweat-breaking kilometres through swamps, along ridges and over hills. The length of the Karhunkierros trail is 82km.

Duration: 5 days on trail

The Guivi Trail

The Guivi Trail gives you the best snapshot of Lapland’s nature with the most remarkable view in Lapland – the Kevo’s Canyon. In addition to the Kevo’s Canyon, the Guivi Trail goes by one of the biggest waterfalls in Finland, the Fiellu Falls and offers an option to visit the highest summit, the Guivi summit, of the Paistunturi Wilderness Area. The length of the trail is 87km.

Duration: 5 days on trail.